Axon — the law enforcement company that makes Tasers, police body cameras, and other police and military technologies — has announced a new partnership with US drone company Skydio. Through the new deal, Axon will become the exclusive provider of Skydio’s drones (like the Skydio 2 and X2) to law enforcement and police agencies, while Skydio will be able to offer Axon’s drone-based software tools, like Axon Evidence and Axon Respond on its drones.

Both tools are largely observational in nature, so they wouldn’t be turning the drones into weapons. Axon Evidence is used to compile footage, similar to how Axon’s existing body cameras work, so that the drones can offer additional perspectives on a situation. Axon itself explicitly announced in 2019 that it won’t be “commercializing face matching products.” Similarly, Skydio’s CEO has previously told The Verge that it won’t be weaponizing its products.

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