As a ‘90s kid, I used to dream of winning the Nickelodeon Super Toy Run — five minutes to fill a Toys R Us shopping cart with anything I liked. I had my route all planned out: stacks of video games, a few choice Lego sets, and then a fill-up at the Nerf aisle.

The world is very different right now, of course, but Nerf may have just announced a modern, grown-up version of the dream: it’s hiring a chief TikTok officer to dream up the company’s marketing for three months, giving one lucky influencer $30,000 and “a massive amount of Nerf products” in exchange for helping Hasbro figure out how to entice Gen Z.

Oh yeah, this is definitely a marketing stunt. But it’s also a real job on the company’s real career site, and you’ll have to submit a real job application and interview for the role if Hasbro likes what you’ve got. You’ll be expected to create 10–12 TikTok videos per month, meet weekly with Nerf’s marketing team, and — sadly — be 18 or older to get hired.

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