Today is April 1st, one of the worst days on the internet every year. For the rest of the day, the internet will be filled with an unending parade of dumb PR stunts, fake products, lie-filled press releases, and just plain unfunny jokes that have been filtered through layers and layers of corporate branding teams as to be unrecognizable as humor by normal humans.

Last year, the holiday fell at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic; faced with the unspeakable human tragedy that was unfolding on a daily basis, most companies elected to opt out of the holiday. Some, like Google, have wisely chosen to once again pull their April Fools’ gags in light of the current state of the world.

And yet, April 1st has rolled around once again, and like villainous treasure hunters in an Indiana Jones movie, it seems brands just can’t stop opening the box of forbidden knowledge and getting their faces melted off.

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