Former President Donald Trump’s ban on guest worker visas has expired, allowing foreign workers to reapply for entry into the United States. The news is a win for tech companies including Apple, Twitter, and Google, each of which vocally opposed the policy.

Former President Donald Trump said the ban was a response to rising unemployment in the United States, due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the campaign trail, Joe Biden pushed back on this claim, calling it an attempt to distract from the Trump Administration’s failure on the virus.

The ban focused on H-1B visas, but impacted a broader range of workers, NPR reports. Executives at big corporations and students participating in work-study programs were also caught up in the fray.

Workers already in the United States also had their lives upended. In June 2020, an Egyptian tech worker in the Bay Area told The Verge that he’d planned to go back to Egypt for his brother’s wedding, but now couldn’t leave the country. “I feel like I’m selectively imprisoned,” he said. “If someone from my family gets sick, I can’t go back.”

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